Hi! I'm finefin.
I'm from Berlin and I make games since 1989 ;)
here's a selection of my projects.

Serious Games
Spielfieber - (german) game about gambling addiction
Der Camper - (german) game for Académie Accor
Grid - a game master tool for Intrestik

Tale of Mini Male - Ludum Dare entry, theme "Minimalism"
Beneath the Surface - Ludum Dare entry, theme "Beneath the surface"
Hospital Trash - Ludum Dare entry, theme "You only got one"
Putin vs. Drag Queen - 8hr berlin game jam
MateLight SCAPXEL - a simple Unity-2D-Landscape builder for MateLight

You are the Monster - free music for your jam games! made for Ludum Dare 33 in 4 days
PO Jams - chiptunes made with Pocket Operators, free downloads, CC license

Escape Rooms (game design and technical realization)
Space Escape
Der Schatz des Einäugigen/Burg Mildenstein

Other / Jobs
Workshops - collection of documents for my workshops
Game Design / IT at Pfeffermind
Game Design / IT at Paperdice Solutions
Game Design / IT at Die Spielarchitekten

The Zeppelin Game - I made this with my kids! Winner of AltCtrlGameJam 2015!
Spinning Wheel Controllers - The forerunner of the Zeppelin Game - Hardware Jam/Berlin Mini Jam/Talk&Play, Aug. 2015
Zwoboter - 2 player versus arcade machine
Müßiggang will Weile haben - Das Sprüche-Bastel-Buch, 2009

Mobile Games (iOS, discontinued)
Omicron - fast and colorful, local multiplayer!
Parallax - retro endless shmup
Parallax 2 - retro endless shmup part II
The Protester (discontinued)

Flash Games (plugin needed)
DotVille Deluxe - village building eco sim
Doc A. Tom - chain reaction puzzle game with 50 levels
Super Combo Ball - get the ultimate combo!
AirDrop - do the perfect drop
Bummin' A Ride - scrounge yourself from the east to the west coast
Pussycat Frenzy - feed the critters till mental breakdown
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Blog (discontinued)


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